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Khatam Hony Ko Hai Safar

2 Line Poetry in Urdu . Khatam Hony Ko Hai Safar

Khatam Hony Ko Hai Safar Shayad Pher Mily Gay Kabhi Magr Shayad ختم ہونے کو ہے سفر شاید پھر ملیں گے کبھی مگر شاید

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Wo Nahi Bholti Jaha Jaon

2 Line poetry in Urdu.

Wo Nahi Bholti Jaha Jaon Hay Mein Keya Karo Kaha Jaon وہ نہیں بھولتی جہاں جاؤں ہائے میں کیا کروں کہاں جاؤں

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Raat Khwab Mein Chaly Ay

2 Line Poetry in Urdu,

Chalo Choro Subha Subha En Dunya Ki Baton Ko Sahib Ye Bato Khariyat The Jo Raat Khwab Mein Chaly Ay.. چلو چھوڑو صبح صبح ۔۔۔۔ ۔ان دنیا کی باتوں کو صاحب یہ بتاؤ خیریت تھی جو رات خواب میں چلے آئے

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Apne Dil Sy Be-Bas Tha

2 Line Poetry. Apna DIl Be-Bas Tha

Mera Tery Dil Par Keya Bas Chalta Mein Tu Khud Apne Dil Sy Be-Bas Tha میرا تیرے ,دل ,پر کیا بس چلتا میں تو خود اپنے دل سے بے بس تھا

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Jis Ko Jitni Zarurat Parri Meri

2 Line Poetry in Urdu, (

Jis Ko Jitni Jitni Zarurat Parri Meri Shafqat ki Os Ko Utni Muhabat Rahe Mujh Sy 2 Line Poetry in Urdu جس کو جتنی جتنی ضرورت پڑی میری شفقت کی اُس کو ،،، اُتنی اُتنی ،،، محبت رہی مجھ سے

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Mout Ache The Magr Judai Yar Sy

2 Line Poetry. Mout Ache The Magr Judai Yar Sy.

Mar Jaon Tu Likh Deyna Meri Sangh-e-Lyhad Par Mout Ache The Magr Judai Yar Sy Touba Touba مر جاؤں تو لکھ دینا میری سنگ لحد پر موت اچھی تھی مگر جدائی یار سے توبہ توبہ

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Welcome to which hosts one of the largest collection of Urdu Sad Poetry as well as English Poems. This is one of the best places for Urdu poetry, Urdu sad poetry, Urdu Shayari, Sad Shayari, love poetry, romantic poetry, and Urdu SMS. We have a huge database including more than 70 Poets and over 100 categories covering almost every walk of life. Our collections are updated daily and we are also working on adding more poets to our database. You are also encouraged to submit poetry using our submission form at the top of this page.

Urdu Sad Poetry

Urdu Poetry is very popular in both Pakistan & India. The history of Urdu Sad poetry dates back to the 13th century. Amir Khusrau (1253-1325) is regarded as the first Urdu poet. In the 18th century, Mir Taqi Mir become very popular. And still today he is regarded as one of the best Urdu Sad Poets of all time.
In the 19th century, Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib became very popular and wrote some famous Shayari and ghazals. His classical poetry is still very popular in South Asia and it is also translated into many other languages.

Allama Iqbal also got widespread popularity especially because of his philosophical and youth-oriented poetry. He is also the national poet of Pakistan. Also, in the modern era poets like Ahmad Faraz, Parveen Shakir, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Mohsin Naqvi. Habib Jalib and Muneer Niazi also become popular. And have some notable Shayari collections which are popular among the masses.


Urdu Sad Poetry has different forms like Ghazals, Nazams, Hamd, Rubai, Qawali, Manqabat, Marsiya, Naat, Tazkira etc. Find Urdu poetry and ghazals by famous Pakistani and Indian poets. Read the best Urdu Shayari largest collection by categories like love Shayari, Sad Poetry. Most popular among these are Ghazals and Nazams. Which are also sung by popular singers and are also used in movies.
Urdu Sad Poetry is used by poets of different eras to express love and romantic feelings. And to highlight the social, cultural and political problems of their time. Shayari is written on numerous topics ranging from love, romance, rain, independence, youth, sadness etc. Urdu Sad poetry which usually conveys the emotions of love has become very popular over time.

English Poems

English poetry dates back to the 7th century and hymn is regarded as the first English poem. On our site, we have the collection of some popular Poets like Lord Byron, Robert Frost, and Shel Silverstein. Our collection includes love poems, sad poems, friendship, fun and kids poems as well. Here on, you may have noticed that the focus is more on Urdu. But we are continuously working to increase our English poems collection as well.